Transportation & Infrastructure (October 2010)

Interview with Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood

In our ongoing series of interviews with cabinet officials, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood spoke to The Hill’s Comment Editor Emmanuel Touhey Monday.  The secretary called on Congress to approve President Obama's $50 billion investment in infrastructure after the election and to lay the ground work for a new six-year transportation bill that he would like to see pass next year.  He also offered a strong defense of the president and called on Congress to work with the administration to solve the country’s problems.

Let’s reap the benefits of investment

On Labor Day, President Obama continued his efforts to restore jobs and rebuild the foundation of the nation’s economy when he announced a proposal to invest $50 billion in transportation infrastructure to improve and expand our nation’s roads, bridges, transit systems, railways and runways.

Why stimulus failed

By any objective evaluation, the Democrat-led stimulus bill passed 19 months ago has dramatically failed to turn around our economy.