Weddings (March 2011)

Catch the bouquet

Whether searching for classic roses, fresh spring tulips or tropical flowers from around the world, there is a wide variety of floral shops in the D.C. area that can exceed the expectations of any bride.

Grooming the groom

It is often said that women look most beautiful on their wedding day — which means that grooms should try to look their best for their brides and make the big day run as smoothly as possible.

The icing on the cake

Sometimes all you need for your wedding is a little icing on the cake. The following four bakeries are perfect places to make your day extra special.

A picture perfect wedding

What would make a more Washingtonian wedding than having a political photographer document the occasion? No strangers to capturing historic moments on national and personal scales, Paul Morse, an official White House photographer for the George W. Bush administration; Ruben Gamarra, a Senate photographer; and Kurstin Roe, a former campaign photographer, all say that it comes down to the same skill: being able to catch the perfect spontaneous and candid moment, whether it’s in the Oval Office or at the altar.

Put on your dancing shoes

As the wedding plans come together, the perfect photographer is found and a church, cake and baker are selected according to the quality of service they provide. But the only people who can pull off a professional — or at least not embarrassing — first dance are the bride and groom. The desire for a painless first dance is sending more engaged couples to dance lessons before their big day, prompting the rise of dance studios catering to the first-dance experience.

One perfect day

From breathtaking views of the city to cooks specializing in your favorite ethnic cuisine, the following venues are exciting places to host your wedding.

Taking a chance

Abbey Watson believes in taking chances.