Wedding Dress Contest Winner

OCCUPATION: PR for Qorvis Communications

HOMETOWN: Whitingham, Vermont

FIANCE: Kevin Koski

FIANCE’S OCCUPATION: Freelance photographer.  He also works for the NFL Player’s Association

HOW THEY MET: In 2003 in Cape Cod. Cummings was a waitress in the same restaurant where Koski was a bartender.

HOW HE PROPOSED: On Dec. 18 at the door of the St. Regis amidst all the holiday decorations. The two had just finished a chef’s tasting at Adour, and Koski made sure it was late enough that most people were gone.

HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT THE CONTEST?: Through BrandlinkDC’s Facebook posting.

DO YOU HAVE A DRESS PICKED?: Not yet, waiting for the venue first.

WEDDING PLANS SO FAR: The two know they want to get married in April 2012 in D.C. or very close to the city. Most of the couple’s friends are in town and family is from up north.


WEDDING: Somewhere in the South of France with a large party and great food. The two are going to create as much of that as they can in D.C.