Carney bets a bar tab on Obama’s jobs plan

White House press secretary Jay Carney could owe members of the White House Press Corps a round of drinks if Congress does not move on President Obamas American Jobs Act this year.

Carney waged a friendly bet with reporters during Thursdays press briefing, saying, “I will buy everyone in here a drink if by the end of the year there is no action on the jobs bill.”

The president announced the American Jobs Act to Congress earlier this month, but lawmakers have yet to schedule a vote on the bill. Members of Congress have discussed passing portions of the bill, but Carney said the administration would like to see the bill passed in its entirety.

Carney was confident that lawmakers would support the bill. 

“They will have a lot of explaining to do when they go home at the end of the year if they’ve done nothing, nothing, to address the urgent need to help our economy and create jobs,” he said. “Their constituents are demanding it.”