Axelrod: Obama jobs legislation 'didn't die'

Obama's top campaign strategist David Axelrod said Sunday that the president jobs bill "didn't die" after Senate Republicans blocked the bill in a Tuesday vote.

"Well, it took a setback. We're going to keep at it. It didn't die," said Axelrod Sunday on ABC's “This Week.”

Axelrod said the White House was committed to its new strategy of pressing lawmakers to pass the individual measures in the proposal piecemeal.

"Now we're going to take it apart and we're going to go piece by piece. The American people support every single plank of that bill, and we're going to vote on every single one of them," insisted Axelrod.

Republican senators joined by two centrist Democrats voted on Tuesday to stop the president's $447 billion American Jobs Act from reaching the Senate floor.

Axelrod though would not reveal which elements of the package the White House intended to prioritize. " I'm not going to discuss a legislative calendar here, but they will be done sequentially, and the sequence is being discussed right now," he said.

He added that while there was strong opposition from Republican lawmakers, the White House believed the measures were popular with the American public.

"The American people strongly support it. And the American people are going to be heard on this legislation. I think so many Americans are just sitting there saying, "Act," to Congress. "Do something. Stop playing games," said Axelrod.