WATCH LIVE: Obama talks commerce and job creation

The Obama administration is ramping up efforts to attract job-creating foreign investment to the United States.

President Obama and Commerce Secretary Penny Pritzker are among several top administration officials who will detail the aggressive efforts on Thursday at the first-ever SelectUSA Investment Summit.

The sold-out meeting will bring together 1,200 attendees from nearly 60 countries along with economic development officials from 47 states to discuss the new coordinated effort between the Commerce and State departments to focus on selling the United States as a best place in the world to invest and create jobs.

"This is a clear message that America is open for business," Pritzker told reporters in advance of the meeting.

Commerce and State teams here and abroad will align their efforts in 32 countries, which represent more than 90 percent of foreign direct investment into the United States, where they will develop strategies aimed at specific business investment interests. 

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