A White House Halloween: White jack-o-lanterns, dried fruit and a little candy

Jack-o-lanterns and cobwebs adorn the White House this Halloween, as a web video released Friday offers a close look at the seasonal decorations and trick-or-treating goodies the First Family will be serving. 

The White House staff carved out ghoulish faces from the pumpkins President Obama bought out at a farm in Virginia earlier this month. There are even some colorful topiaries of pumpkins and gourds adorning the steps of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in case jack-o-lanterns are too scary for young trick-or-treaters. 

The White House video details the goody bags that the Obama's will serve trick-or-treaters tis year.  

Several Washington, D.C. area schools, and the Boys and Girls Club of America, as well as children form military families will have the opportunity to partake in White House-shaped cookies, a box of presidential M&M’s and the healthier option of dried fruit.