Obama: We ‘have to flesh out’ EU debt crisis plan at G20

The EU has made some important steps toward a comprehensive solution, and that would not have happened without Nicolass leadership, but here at the G20 were going to have to flesh out about how the plan will be fully and decisively implemented, Obama said.

European leaders agreed to a plan to bail out Greece last month, but Greek Prime Minister George Papendreou balked, announcing he would allow his country to vote on whether or not to reject the plan. The referendum call split the Greek cabinet, with BBC News reporting Thursday that Papendreou would offer to resign.

We also discussed the situation in Greece and how we can work to help resolve that situation as well,” Obama said.

Obama also took a moment to congratulate Sarkozy on the birth of his daughter with his wife and former model Carla Bruni.

Im confident that Giulia inherited her mothers looks rather than her fathers, which I think is an excellent thing, Obama joked.

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— Alicia M. Cohn contributed to this story