Biden: Obama and I don't exchange gifts

Vice President Biden said he and President Obama do not normally exchange Christmas gifts.

Biden said they usually only give one another birthday presents instead.

“We exchange birthday gifts. We don’t exchange Christmas gifts,” Biden told TMZ on Capitol Hill on Wednesday. “And he gave me a great birthday gift.”

When first asked what he was getting Obama, Biden said, “Are you kidding me? He is shopping for me.”

Since both are golf lovers, Biden said the two usually get each other golf equipment. Biden gave Obama a golf bag for his last birthday, while Biden received a “gadget” to practice his putting.

“Well, it is hard but since we both love golf, we usually give something having to do with golf,” Biden said. “I gave him a real neat golf bag last time, and he gave me this really cool deal to practice putting. It is a little gadget he gave me.”

TMZ, a news organization that usually covers celebrities, said its reason for filming on Capitol Hill on Wednesday is classified.