LIVE: Obama's State of the Union

President Obama’s legacy and the future of his second term hang in the balance in Tuesday’s pivotal State of the Union address.

Obama will step to the podium reeling from a lost year, and with the window for him to exert his influence closing slowly but surely.

“As much as I hate to admit it, this is probably going to be it,” one former senior administration official said of the speech. “He has one shot here, and he can’t afford to miss.”
The address is intended to lay out the president’s priorities ahead of this year’s midterm elections, which will decide the Senate’s balance of power.

“It’s definitely the biggest stage and the best opportunity he’ll have before the midterms,” added another former senior administration official.

After the midterms, the focus will quickly turn to the race to succeed Obama — forcing the president to share the stage with those hoping to succeed him.

The second official disagreed with the premise that the speech amounted to a do-or-die moment for Obama, however.

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