Obama: 'Doesn't really matter who the nominee is going to be'

"It doesn't really matter who the nominee is going to be. The core philosophy that they're expressing is the same and the contrast and visions between where I want to take the country and where they say they want to take the country is going to be stark," Obama said Sunday on CBS's "60 Minutes." "It's going to be a good debate."

When asked about the rise in the polls of former Speaker Newt Gingrich, Obama emphasized the Georgia Republican's experience in Washington politics.

"He's somebody who's been around a long time and is good on TV and is good in debates," Obama said.

Obama also took the opportunity to highlight Mitt Romney's political experience during the CBS interview.

"Mitt Romney has shown himself to be someone who's been good at politics as well. He's had a lot of practice at it," Obama said.

Romney has aimed to portray his private-sector experience as one of his biggest strengths throughout his campaign.

The former Massachusetts governor hit back against Obama's characterization Monday morning.

"Don't forget 25 years in the private sector is a little more than Barack Obama's, oh yeah, zero years in the private sector ... a pretty different background," Romney said Monday on "Fox and Friends." 

Gingrich has surged passed Romney in the polls in recent weeks, becoming the clear front-runner in the GOP race.

"I think that they will be going at it for a while. When the Republican party has decided who its nominee is going to be, then we'll have plenty of time to worry about it," Obama said.