Biden: 'Everyone is going to be surprised' by ObamaCare

Vice President Biden on Monday urged Americans to check out the ObamaCare insurance exchanges on the final day of open enrollment during an appearance on the Rachel Ray Show.

The vice president and talk show host chatted about how those individuals with preexisting conditions could now gain coverage, and Biden told young Americans to enroll even if they feel "invincible." Biden stressed that while Monday was the last day of the enrollment period, those who started their applications now could finish later.

"Get in the queue," the vice president implored.

Biden also predicted that at the end of the open enrollment period, Americans would be surprised at how popular it was, despite the technical problems that plagued the early months of the exchange.

“I think everyone is going to be surprised and pleased at how this has turned out,” he said.

A White House official described Biden's appearance as part of a last-effort push to encourage enrollment. According to the White House, 27,000 trained navigators will appear at 8,600 community health centers, among other locations, to enroll interested consumers on Monday.

Biden also used the interview to dish about his personal life, telling Ray that his wife, Jill, was tough to win over.

"I'll tell you the honest-to-God truth. I asked Jill to marry me five times. Literally, five times," he said.

"The fifth time, I finally said to her, 'Jill, my Irish pride has gotten a hold of me. This is the last time I'm gonna ask you,' I said, 'You don't have to tell me when you will marry me, just if you'll marry me.' She said, 'yes.'"

He said the second lady also recommended that he use an expensive skin cream to maintain his glow.

"On Jill’s instructions, about five years ago, she said I should use Clinique," Biden said. "And there’s a men’s version that has SPF 20, she was worried about my face. So I do whatever Jill tells me."

He also revealed that the second lady's father was a notorious prankster, which has left him wary of April Fool's Day on Tuesday.

"What in the hell is Jill going to do this time?" Biden said. "I feel so stupid."

The vice president revealed that during one trip on Air Force Two, his wife hid in the overhead baggage compartment, jumping out to startle him.

"So, I know she's planning it," Biden said.