Michelle Obama says she's a confidante for husband, not an expert on issues

Michelle Obama acknowledged Tuesday that she is one of her husband's "biggest confidantes" but said she is by no means "an expert" on many of the issues her husband deals with on a daily basis.

"I am one of his biggest confidantes, but he has dozens of really smart people who surround him," the first lady said in an interview with CBS News. "And I am not an expert on most of the issues that he's dealing with on a daily basis."

Obama's interview at the White House on Tuesday came on the heels of a new book, The Obamas, that describes the first lady as an informal adviser of sorts to her husband. The full interview will air Wednesday morning.

Obama admitted that she and her husband do have "discussions and conversations" and that he always knows how she feels on particular issues.

"One thing is true that I talk very candidly," she said. "That's the kind of relationship we have."

The first lady, who is depicted in the book as having a tense relationship with former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, said she wouldn't go to her husband's advisers to discuss any concerns she might have about his administration.

"I wouldn't go to Rahm about something that I would talk to my husband about," she said. "If I didn't agree with something, I would talk to my own husband about it."