Presidential pooch laps up water for first lady

Sunny, one of the president’s two pooches, is lapping up Michelle ObamaMichelle LeVaughn Robinson ObamaObamas send handwritten note to Parkland students: 'We will be there for you' Smithsonian moves Michelle Obama portrait to larger space over high demand Trump celebrates St. Patrick's day on Twitter MORE’s “Drink Up” campaign, which encourages people to drink more water.

In a YouTube video released Wednesday, the almost 2-year-old Portuguese water dog (a conveniently named breed for a drink more water campaign) is seen running toward a chrome dog bowl filled with H2O. A camera shot from inside the bowl gives an up close and personal look at Sunny’s snout and tongue in action as she gulps down the liquid.

The first lady launched the water-centric campaign last year. Her Twitter account tweeted out a link to the 16-second clip on Wednesday: