Biden congratulates US soccer team

Vice President Biden congratulated the U.S. soccer team Monday night after its 2-1 defeat of Ghana in its first match of the World Cup.
While shaking hands, he said, "Are you kidding me, this is a kick, man." Biden briefly joined the team in the locker room in Brazil.
"He looked happier after that first goal — you can see it on the monitor — than when I won the election," Biden said at one point. 
At another point, Biden offered to buy defender DaMarcus Beasley drinks after Beasley presented Biden with a coin from a previous meeting. Biden met with the team four years ago, as well during the World Cup in South Africa. 
"I've still got the coin from last time," Beasley told Biden. 
"Well I owe the drinks," Biden shot back. 
Before Biden left, he turned to Beasley and said, "Hey man, anytime you want to collect. I owe you."
Biden is in Brazil on the first stop in a weeklong trip around South America. 
He was scheduled to meet with Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff on Tuesday. Before entering an elevator to meet with the president, Biden told reporters: "America won last night."