First lady says president has 'weakness' for guacamole

The first question she tackled on CNN's iReport, a series of Web videos where guests answer questions directly from viewers on an iPad, asked the first lady how she stays fit and healthy. 

Despite struggling to get her tablet working at the beginning of the video, Obama said she tries to spend time every day at the gym, but recognized not everyone enjoys the treadmill. 

For the gym-averse, Obama recommended turning on the radio and dancing, an activity she said she enjoys with daughters Sasha and Malia. 

Up next was a young boy named Shayan Fazli, who said his "favorite healthy snack" was Goldfish crackers and asked to know President Obama's top snack choice. 

Obama admitted that her husband has a "weakness" for guacamole and nachos, but left the young boy with a reminder to "keep eating your vegetables." 

She told iReport that she tries to teach "balance" to her children when it comes to eating. 

"It takes a lot of determination, a lot of will power. We have very clear expectations in our house and sometimes 'no' has to mean ‘no,’ " she said in response to Shari Atukorala from Sri Lanka. 

To showcase her second year trying to fight obesity and promote healthy living, Obama embarked on a three-day tour last week around the United States where, in addition to speeches and meetings, she danced with a stadium full of kids, ate at an Olive Garden and participated in a tennis match.