Protesters rally against Chinese vice president's White House visit

Protesters could be seen carrying signs that read, "Save Tibetan lives" and "Just say "no" to Chinese Communist party."

One man, holding a "Free Tibet" sign, was arrested during the rally, reported The Associated Press.

Xi, the expected future leader of China, landed in Washington Monday for a week of meetings with top Obama administration officials and U.S. business leaders to discuss trade, human rights and security issues.

Tuesday he spoke with President Obama on the relationship between the two countries and attended a lunch with Vice President Biden and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The vice president and second lady Jill Biden will host a dinner this evening in honor of Xi's visit.

"I have always emphasized that we welcome China’s peaceful rise, that we believe that a strong and prosperous China is one that can help to bring stability at prosperity to the region and to the world.  And we expect to be able to continue on the cooperative track that we’ve tried to establish over the last three years," said Obama during remarks with Xi in the Oval Office.

The Chinese vice president heads up to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to meet with congressional leaders before leaving for Iowa, a state he visited as a government official on a trip in 1985, for meetings on agricultural policy.

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