Michelle Obama surprises tourists at White House

"Where are you all from?" asked Obama of two tourists. "Chicago!" she exclaimed, raising her hands in excitement.

"We're Cubs fans," responded the visitor.

"Yeah, Cubs fans. Me too. He's the Sox fan. I'm the Cubs fan," Obama said.

Obama gave visitors a heads-up Thursday morning when the White House tweeted, "Surprise! @WhiteHouse’s biggest celebrity (our dog Bo) & I are about to greet folks on their tours. Watch it live: http://wh.gov/live -mo." The event was live-streamed on the White House video page.

Obama spent the more than hourlong meet-and-greet telling people to "enjoy" their time, fielding inquiries about Bo and giving out advice to kids.

This was the fourth time since arriving at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. that she participated in a White House tour, reported ABC News.

Not to be outdone, President Obama gave some unsuspecting diners a surprise of their own Thursday night on the West Coast.

The president, who was in San Francisco for a campaign event, stopped by Great Eastern restaurant in the city's Chinatown neighborhood, causing patrons to get out of their chairs and yell, "Obama, Obama," when he entered, according to pool reports.

President Obama shook hands and took pictures with onlookers while he waited for his takeout order.