Salazar: Obama 'feels the pain' over high gas prices

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar took to the White House briefing room Monday to defend President Obama’s energy plan after a new poll suggested high gas prices are eroding the president’s approval numbers.

Salazar insisted that Obama is reviewing short- and long-term actions to lower gas prices, while also noting that there are no quick fixes to the problem.

“All options are on the table because the president obviously feels the pain that the American people are facing,” Salazar said when asked if the administration would tap the Strategic Petroleum Reserve, a 696-million barrel emergency oil stockpile.

Monday’s briefing is a strong indication of the White House’s concern over high gas prices, which have emerged as a threat to the president’s reelection.

Republicans have sought to pin the blame for high prices at the pump – which AAA said reached an average of $3.80 a gallon nationally Monday – squarely on Obama’s shoulders.

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