Obama cracks jokes on 'bracketology,' War of 1812 to welcome British PM

"It's now been 200 years since the British came here to the White House under somewhat different circumstances," Obama joked about the British burning of Washington during the War of 1812. "They made quite an impression. They really lit up the place. But we moved on."

Obama also touched on Cameron's new interest in the "uniquely American tradition of bracketology," after his first March Madness basketball game. The president took the prime minister to the opening game of the NCAA men's tournament in Dayton, Ohio, to see Western Kentucky beat Mississippi Valley State.

Ending his speech on a comedic note, Obama highlighted the slight linguistic differences between England and the United States, welcoming Cameron with choice words from the British vernacular.

"Finally, I would just note that while this is not the first official visit of my presidency, it is one of the few where I have not had to pause for translation," Obama said. "We Americans and Brits speak the same language — most of the time — so let me just say, David, we are chuffed to bits that you are here."