Obama makes ‘birther’ joke at correspondents’ dinner

"We gather in the midst of a heated election season, and Axelrod tells me I should never miss a chance to reintroduce myself to the American people," said Obama in his opening remarks.  

"My name is Barack Obama. My mother was born in Kansas, my father was born in Kenya, and I was born, of course, in Hawaii," he added, turning to the camera and winking.

Members of the so-called "birther" movement have continued to dispute the president's American birthplace, despite overwhelming evidence that shows he was born in Hawaii and is a U.S. citizen.

The White House released Obama's long-form birth certificate to the public in April 2011, but the issue has continued to resurface, most recently last month, when GOP Rep. Cliff Stearns (Fla.) said he was not convinced the certificate was legitimate.