Obama pokes fun at Romney dog controversy with fake super-PAC ad

"Of course I know everyone’s predicting a nasty election and thankfully we've all agreed that families are off limits. Dogs, however, are apparently fair game," Obama said. "The other day I saw a new ad from one of these outside groups that I frankly think crossed the line."

Turning the crowd's attention towards two large screens at the front of the room, Obama showed a fake super-PAC ad blasting him for his treatment of his family's Portuguese water dog, Bo.

"Finally, a candidate with the courage to fight for a dog's right to the freedom to feel the wind in his fur," the ad began, referring to an incident where likely GOP rival Mitt Romney put his dog on the roof of his car during a family road trip. "But what about Barack Obama? Under his failed leadership, man's best friend has been forced into government controlled automobiles," the narrator continues, with the video showing a photo of Bo riding with the president in a motorcade.

The ad goes on to pull up pictures of the presidential pooch sporting bunny ears in honor of this year's White House Easter Egg Roll under the banner: "Not our values."

"America's dogs can't afford four more years of Obama. For them that's 28 years," the ad wraps up over a Sarah McLachlan song. "And that's why we need to join Mitt Romney in sending a message this November, 'I'm an American and doggone it, I ride outside.'"

The video ends with a photoshopped image of Mitt Romney in front of Air Force One, with a dog carrier on top of the aircraft.