Obama slams House GOP on highway bill

Obama’s latest attack on Boehner is over construction projects, which the president says have been blocked by Republicans who have refused to take up a long-term highway bill approved in a bipartisan vote by the Senate.

The president said the stalled legislation is keeping millions of workers jobless and preventing necessary projects forward across the country, including in Boehner’s own district. 

"There are bridges between Kentucky and Ohio where some of the key Republican leadership come from, where folks are having to do detours an extra hour and half drive every day on their commute because these bridges don't work," Obama said in a speech to the Building and Construction Trades Department Legislative Conference in Washington. "Time after time, the Republicans have gotten together and they've said no," he said.

While the new Obama rhetoric is about construction, the speech highlights the White House strategy of railing against congressional Republicans to build a case for another four years in the White House for Obama.

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