Obama: Use Afghan war money to pay down debt, invest in future

Days after touting the drawdown of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, President Obama said that after more than a decade a war "it is time to focus on nation building here at home."

"The enormous sacrifices of our men and women in uniform are not over," Obama said in his weekly address. "But many of our troops are already coming home."

In a speech from Afghanistan on Tuesday, Obama noted that 10,000 U.S. troops returned home from Afghanistan last year and another 23,000 will leave by the end of the summer.

The president said that the U.S. must invest in the future, as it did when troops returned from World War II. 

"As a new greatest generation returns from overseas, we must ask ourselves, what kind of country will they come back to?" Obama asked.

Echoing his reelection campaign message, the president offered the choices of an America where "a shrinking number ... do really well" or "where everyone gets a fair shot."

"I don’t think we should prioritize things like more tax cuts for millionaires while cutting the kinds of investments that built a strong middle class," Obama said. "That’s why I’ve called on Congress to take the money we’re no longer spending at war, use half of it to pay down our debt, and use the other half to rebuild America."