Obama campaign focuses on military families in new Web ad

In the new campaign video, President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama unveil their "Veterans and Military Families for Obama" effort, pointing out the president's dedication to helping servicemembers and their families.

"The most humbling part of my job is serving as Commander in Chief of the world's finest military," Obama says in the video. "And there's nothing I take more seriously than my responsibility to those who sacrifice their own safety to defend ours. 

"That's why Michelle and I have made supporting veterans and military families a top priority from the start."

The ad goes on to pinpoint Obama's military highlights like his effort to end the Iraq war, his decision to authorize the mission that killed Osama bin Laden and his administration's policies to help veterans find employment and access to physical and mental healthcare.

"Supporting veterans and military families means doing everything we can to serve you as well as you served our country," the first lady says in the ad. "Barack has your backs and he's just getting started."

The Veterans and Military Families for Obama campaign marks the start of an effort by the president's team to tap into military voters. The campaign also intends to attack presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney for his budget plans, saying Romney's fiscal policies would cut programs for veterans, reports CNN.

Obama is planning to travel to 16 states over the next few weeks, participating in outreach events including phone banks, house parties and press conferences to reach military voters.