Once-disappointed Ashley Judd 'fired up again' for Obama

The actress and political activist was asked by “Meet the Press” host David Gregory on NBC’s “Press Pass” Web show whether she has been disappointed by Obama since he won election in 2008: “To a certain extent I was for the first couple of years. But I also know that President Obama came in inheriting an extraordinary mess, and did his absolute best to do triage … And now I’m pretty fired up again, you know, and I think that he is a powerful leader.”

The star of the ABC drama “Missing” (which was just canceled by the network after one season) says she hasn’t “paid that much attention” to Obama’s opponent, Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

Judd tells Gregory of the former Massachusetts governor, “I’m coming out of a time where I was working on my show and, you know, I was thinking, ‘I will pay more attention to that closer, well, toward the end of the summer.’ ”

The 44-year-old celeb, who was selected as an official delegate for Tennessee at the Democratic National Convention in September, offered her thoughts on what would drive women to the voting booths come November, saying, “As long as the Republicans keep doing really dumb things about women’s reproductive health, that should help energize girls and women in this country.”

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