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Improv group parodies Obama campaign videos

Cutter might not be as well-known outside the Beltway, but she does appear often in Web videos released by the Obama campaign. The Second City video aims to parody those appearances.

"You may not have seen me," the faux Cutter says in the video, after introducing herself the way the real Cutter does. "We're just on YouTube trying to get the word out. They've got millions of dollars for airtime. We've got me. And a pretty obvious green screen."

In the videos released by the Obama campaign, Cutter often stands in front of what looks like a busy room full of volunteers or staffers at computers. Typically, Cutter is part of a rapid-response effort addressing what the campaign considers misinformation about the president. On Friday, the campaign released a video featuring Cutter that blasted GOP nominee Mitt Romney for reports that he helped outsource jobs overseas.

The Second City video does not stop there, but shows the actress playing Cutter drinking, singing and complaining (with a brief curse) that nobody is donating to the super-PAC supporting Obama. At one point, she calls out Obama supporter Warren Buffett and asks if the billionaires who support Obama are “scrubs.”

On YouTube, the comedy group describes the video: "Have you heard of Stephanie Cutter? No? Well, neither has pretty much anybody else. Don't think she hasn't noticed."

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