President, first lady offer men ‘tips’ for first dates

The tips come from their own history, with the first couple in the video describing their first date in 1989. "He showed all the signs: he was hip, cutting-edge, cultural, sensitive,” Michelle Obama says in the video. “He was showing me all facets of his character."

"Take tips, gentlemen," the president tells the camera, jokingly.

The first couple spent an afternoon together on their first date. They watched director Spike Lee's film “Do the Right Thing” and lunched in a courtyard with a fountain at the Art Institute of Chicago.

"Art,” Obama emphasizes in the video, again speaking to the camera: “Guys out there — it impresses people."

He nods proudly through his wife’s description of their date, noting that the walk they took down Michigan Avenue was “kinda romantic.”

“The fountain: nice touch. The walk: patient," Michelle Obama sums up.

The video promotes an opportunity for supporters to contribute in hopes of winning a raffle to have dinner with Obama and the first lady. The dinners have become a unique part of the campaign’s fundraising strategy, often offering supporters a chance to meet both the president and a celebrity guest such as George Clooney or Sarah Jessica Parker. This next dinner is a chance for a donor to meet and talk with the first couple.