Mother who lost her legs in tornado visits White House, walks 'arm in arm' with Obama

"I had an opportunity to walk ... arm in arm with Mr. President into the Oval Office. It's been the first time I've been walking in public since the 'Ellen' show," said Stephanie Decker to The Associated Press in Washington, D.C.

Decker, who saved her two children when debris hit their home during the twister, said it was her goal to be able to walk "arm in arm" with President Obama during their meeting, as well as speak to him about the issues of medical care for amputees.

"When you're able to talk to a man of his power sometimes you need to kind of get through some of the things that are important, and that's other people having the same kind of care that I've been so blessed to have, and how we can go about changing some of these laws. He took the time to listen to that," she said.

Decker also said she spoke with the president about the possibility of obtaining a military-grade prosthetic leg that is not available for civilians.

"We talked about seeing if we could maybe get that technology for me," she said.

Decker's son Dominic, 9, daughter Reese, 6, and husband Joe joined her for the White House visit, just ahead of Obama's tour of Colorado, reported the AP.

The president arrived in Colorado Springs on Friday afternoon to see first hand the devastation from a massive wildfire that has burned nearly 350 homes and claimed at least one life.