The Hill's Managing Editor Bob Cusack reveals Treasury probe on 'Morning Joe'

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"It's so rare for these reports to come out," Cusack said.

Cusack reported Monday that officials at the department were cited for soliciting prostitutes, breaking conflict-of-interest rules and accepting gifts from corporate executives, according to the findings of official government investigations.

"Some of these cases were referred to U.S. attorney's offices. They were not prosecuted, but they could have been because this is obviously criminal conduct," Cusack said.

He pointed out that the new reports, along with the General Services Administration (GSA) and Secret Service scandals, could put the Obama administration on the defensive.

Cusack told "Morning Joe" that although the Treasury report might not be as damaging as those previous scandals, it's "not a good thing" for the White House.

"Some of these are not just low-level people. There's no indication that these we're political appointees, but it's hard to tell because the names were redacted," he said.  

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