Clinton praises Syrian diaspora as 'link' to rebels

"I want to recognize the work of Syrian diaspora organizations to shine a light on what is happening in Syria and to carry the concerns of the Syrian people not only onto the pages of American newspapers, but also into the halls of Congress," said Clinton at the Second Annual Global Diaspora Forum, at the State Department.

Clinton said Syrians living outside of their home country, are "serving as a link" between the international community and opposition forces on the ground.

"They’re helping to collect funds and humanitarian assistance for Syrians who are suffering because of this terrible violence, and they’re trying to help those who’ve had to flee their homes and communities — some of them crossing over borders into neighboring countries," she added.

Clinton said the United States is hoping to further the transition to a new government in Syria, helping to rebuild the country and helping to avoid sectarian conflict.

"These are all extremely difficult challenges, but I think our efforts are enhanced by having the members of the Syrian diaspora, the Syrian Americans and others, being able to advise us," she added.