Michelle Obama: President is 'so jealous of me right now'

"I've never been to an Olympics before, and to go from never attending an Olympics to heading the U.S. delegation — it will be a proud moment for me," Obama said.

Obama reminisced about watching the Olympic Games, gathered around the television with her family, as a child.

"Because my dad had MS [multiple sclerosis] and he was an athlete, sports and the ability to watch sports was really all he had, so it meant a lot to my family, and now being able to meet some of these Paralympians who are doing so much and pushing through and being inspiring to other kids of all abilities is truly, it's an amazing thing to see," she said on NBC.

An Olympic visit wouldn't be complete without taking in at least some of the competitions. Obama said she plans on attending tennis matches, and hopes to see swimming and basketball.

When pressed on whether President Obama might join her at some of those events, Obama said, "No … he is so jealous of me right now.

"He is so jealous, but no, he won't be able to make it," she said.

Obama has combined her "Let's Move" initiative, a campaign to combat childhood obesity, with her role at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

She participated in an event for her initiative at the U.S. ambassador's residence before the opening ceremony, where athletes like ‪David Beckham‬ joined with children from the United Kingdom and U.S. military families to play games on the lawn.

"Our goal is to get all kids in our country and across the world in a better state of health. And that starts with getting up and moving — right? And this is a particularly special moment for them, with you all here competing, for them to have that light bulb go off in their heads. Watching you all every step of the way may get some kid off of the couch, may encourage a mom to turn off the TV and go out and throw a ball," said Obama during remarks Friday at the U.S. Olympic training facility.