Karl Rove mock-endorses Biden for VP

President Obama reconfirmed this week, not for the first time, that Biden will not be dropped from the ticket this November. Obama strongly supported Biden in interviews following the so-called verbal gaffe Biden made earlier this week. 

During a campaign speech in Virginia, Biden told a crowd that Republicans have pledged to “unchain” Wall Street and “put y'all back in chains." Critics have called it a low moment with racial overtones.

It's not the first time Biden's habit of speaking off the cuff has drawn criticism, something the American Crossroads video makes clear with clips from several other incidents.

According to an email from American Crossroads, the video highlights "Biden’s recent work to improve race relations in the United States; Biden’s deeply held belief in fiscal 'sanity'; Biden’s 'support' for small businesses; Biden’s general competence and capability."

The email adds that the super-PAC particularly enjoyed creating the joke video.