Obama phones actor Kal Penn in new campaign video

After Obama hangs up the phone, the video pans to a shot of Penn and his "Harold and Kumar" co-star John Cho slouched on a couch watching cartoons and eating pizza and Cheetos.

"Dude, who was that?" Cho asks, stuffing his mouth with cheese curls. "That sounded intense."

"The president," Penn answers unenthusiastically.

"Sweet," says Cho as the two burst into laughter at the television.

The video looks to promote "Live From Charlotte," a online Democratic National Convention program set to be hosted by Penn on Thursday night before the president's speech. The convention special will feature celebrities like Marc Anthony, Elizabeth Banks, Aisha Tyler and Olivia Wilde.

The Democrats are looking to make this year's convention more accessible than ever by livestreaming all online coverage, including Penn's Thursday night special.