Clinton: 'I take responsibility' for Libya security concerns

The Obama administration has been widely criticized for its handling of the attack and its messaging in the wake of the incident. Following the attack, the Obama administration said that a controversial YouTube video spurred the violence.

The administration later walked that back, saying they gave out the intelligence that was available at the time.

At the vice presidential debate last Thursday, Vice President Biden said that he and the president were not aware of security concerns.

At a hearing last week, two security officers formerly stationed in Libya testified that their request for increased security had been denied.

Fox New reporter Wendell Goler asked Clinton why those requests had been denied.

Clinton again said she was responsible for the State Department and the more than 60,000 department officials around the world. She added, “The decisions about security assets are made by security professionals."

Clinton also said that she wanted to wait for the conclusion of an ongoing investigation before she addressed the accuracy of the intelligence in the wake of the attack.

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