Watch: Obama's first post-election press conference

In his first press conference since winning reelection last Tuesday, Obama addressed a range of issues, including the scandal surrounding former CIA Director David Petraeus, the September attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi and the coming "fiscal cliff" talks.

The president began his opening remarks by stressing the importance of job growth and economic recovery, as well as deficit reduction. Obama told lawmakers that he had a mandate from his election win and pressed them to pass middle-class tax cuts as part of a deficit-reduction package.

"We should not hold the middle class hostage while we debate tax cuts for the wealthy. We should at least do what we agree on, and that's to keep middle-class taxes low. And I’ll bring everyone in to sign it right away so we can give folks some certainty before the holiday season," said Obama.

The president will meet with lawmakers on Friday as both sides begin work on tackling the rise in tax rates and automatic spending cuts set to take effect in January 2013 and which economists warn could spark a recession. 

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