Obama thanks diplomats, nations for support in wake of Sandy Hook shooting

"This obviously continues to be a very difficult week here in America. We're still grieving and reeling from unspeakable violence that took place in Newtown. I was up there on Sunday," Obama said at the Diplomatic Corps Holiday Reception at the State Department on Wednesday. "I told the families there that they are not alone. That our entire nation stands with them."

Obama's remarks came less than a week after the shooting massacre, in which 27 people were killed, including 20 young children. Obama went on to mention messages of support from citizens of other countries and world leaders. 

"But over the past few days what we've seen is the entire world stands with them and so many of your countries, your citizens, your leaders have sent messages to them and I know they're grateful and certainly I am grateful. At our embassies and consulates, people are placing flowers and leaving notes," Obama continued. "We've seen candlelight vigils and makeshift memorials including a beach in Brazil marked by 26 crosses and a bright American flag. 

"Across the globe, people are going online and posting messages and sending emails and texts of support. I think of the woman, a teacher in Lithuania, who said 'I send all my love and prayers to the families. It's all I can do so far away but my heart is now in Newtown.' So this evening I want you and your fellow citizens to know how much this has meant to all of us, to the good people of Newtown, to me, and to the American people."

The president noted that the United States made similar expressions of support after past tragic events in other countries. 

"You've stood with us, just as we've stood with you in similar moments, whether it's been a Scottish Village, an Australian town, most recently the terrible tragedy at a youth camp in Norway," Obama said. "Whether it's a tsunami that strikes or earthquake that levels communities or when a young girl is targeted and nearly killed just for wanting to go to school, we're reminded that terrible things happen in this world but there are more people of good people than people of ill will."