Biden downplays NRA backlash

Biden said he believed his meeting with gun owners' groups on Thursday was "productive," although he refused to comment when asked about criticism that was levied by the NRA following the conference.

"I thought we had a very straightforward, productive meeting," Biden said. On Thursday, the NRA said it was "disappointed with how little this meeting had to do with keeping our children safe and how much it had to do with an agenda to attack the Second Amendment."

"We will engage our members," NRA President David Keene told CNN on Thursday, accusing the White House of simply "checking a box" during its meeting with gun activists.

"They were able to say we've met with the NRA, we've met with the people that are strong Second Amendment supporters," Keene said. Biden did say that he saw differences between the NRA and other gun owners' groups at the meeting.

"There is actually a difference among them as well," Biden said. "It's not a uniform view."

The meeting Friday with video game manufacturers was the last in packed week for the vice president, who has said he was "shooting" to present President Obama a package of potential legislative and executive actions by Tuesday of next week.

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