Carney: Obama to announce proposed gun violence reduction plans Wednesday

The event is scheduled for 11:45 a.m. Confirmed attendees include members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns and members of Congress involved in gun-reform efforts.

Carney hinted that Obama was likely to introduce a "comprehensive" package, saying the proposals will include "the assault weapons ban, including a measure to ban high-capacity magazine clips, including an effort to close the very big loopholes in the background check system in our country."‬

The president is also expected to outline 19 executive actions that he can unilaterally take, according to Capitol Hill Democrats briefed on his plan. Those executive actions are likely to include more aggressive enforcement of existing gun laws, increasing federal research on gun violence and stronger prosecutions of those who lie on gun background checks.‬

"I'm confident there are some steps we can take that don't require legislation," Obama said at a press conference Monday.‬

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