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Obama: We have an 'obligation' to try to reduce gun deaths

Obama asked Congress to reinstate and strengthen the assault-weapons ban and to impose a 10-round limit on ammunition magazines. He also called on Congress to require criminal background checks for all gun sales.

"Weapons designed for the theater of war have no place in a movie theater," Obama said. “A majority of Americans agree with us on this."

The president also asked Congress to approve a law against so-called “straw purchasing” of guns, toughen gun trafficking laws, and authorize new funding for gun violence research, mental health efforts, and a program that would place mental-health counselors and police officers in schools.

In total, the White House estimates that the president's requests would total "in the neighborhood" of $500 million in the coming fiscal year.

The extensive proposals do not include any calls for restrictions on video games or violent films, which some have argued are a contributing factor, although the White House did designate some federal dollars for the study of violence in media.

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