Obama awards Medal of Honor to 'selfless' Afghanistan vet

Obama praised Romesha and other American troops for warding off a frantic attack from enemy combatants with substantial strategic advantages, using the high mountains to unleash waves of bullets and rocket-propelled grenades. Romesha was injured by shrapnel in the initial firefight, but joined other American troops in fighting to slowly retake their outpost.

“Clint gathered up his guys and they began to fight their way back — storming one building and then another, pushing the enemy back, having to actually shoot up at the enemy in the mountains above. By now, most of the camp was on fire,” the president said.

Romesha then charged through a 100-meter run of enemy fire to reach the bodies of his fallen comrades.

“In a battle that raged all day, that brand of selflessness was displayed again, and again, and again,” Obama said.

In the aftermath of the attack, a Pentagon study found the outpost had little strategic value and was ordered to be evacuated. Obama said if there was a lesson to be learned from the events of that day, it was “that our troops should not ever be put in a position where they have to defend the indefensible.”

“That's what these soldiers did for each other in sacrifice driven by pure love,” Obama said.

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