LISTEN LIVE: Biden addresses National Association of Attorneys General

The vice president has become the pubic face of the White House on gun control, serving as the head of a task force to design ways to reduce gun violence, and repeatedly speaking out on the issue.

On Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder defended Obama's gun-control measures to the gathered state attorneys general. He said that the proposals would not infringe on the rights of lawful gun owners vowed to continue the push until tighter regulations are in place that will help prevent mass shootings.

“We will not rest until we’ve done everything in our power to prevent future tragedies like the one that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary School,” said Holder at the 2013 spring-winter meeting.

Biden on Tuesday met with a group of retired military officials at the White House in a strategy session centered on how to effectively engage the public in the administration’s push for gun control.

In an interview with The Hill, Retired Army Brig. Gen. Stephen Xenakis, a former Army physician, said Biden will look to rally the public behind requiring background checks on private gun sales, limiting the number of bullets a firearm’s magazine can hold, and banning future sales of assault-style weapons.

Later today, the vice president will meet with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg (I) at the White House to discuss the administration’s proposals to reduce gun violence.