Biden: Illinois win sends gun control message to Congress

Vice President Biden on Wednesday said a gun control advocate’s win in an Illinois Democratic primary sends a signal to lawmakers that voters won’t tolerate inaction on the issue.

Biden said voters “sent a clear, unequivocal signal” by electing Robin Kelly as the Democratic nominee to replace former Rep. Jesse Jackson (D-Ill.).

“The message is that there will be a moral price as well as a political price to be paid for inaction,” Biden said in a speech to the National Association of Attorneys General in Washington.

Kelly defeated former Rep. Debbie Halvorsen, who more strongly favors gun rights, in Tuesday’s primary. Kelly was boosted by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg's (I) super-PAC Independence USA, which backs pro-gun control candidates in primaries.

“As Congress considers the president's gun package, voters in Illinois have sent a clear message: We need common sense gun legislation now. Now it's up to Washington to act,” Bloomberg said in a statement sent out by his super-PAC after Kelly’s victory.