'Kid President' tours the Oval Office with President Obama

"Cool," said Novak upon entering the Oval Office with Obama as his tour guide.

Obama encouraged the 9-year-old-video sensation to take a seat behind his desk (the Kid President videos feature a mock presidential desk).

"Let's make sure not to cause an international incident," said Obama when Novak picked up the White House phone.

Obama gave the suit-wearing "Kid President" a personal tour of the Oval Office, which included a look at an original program from the 1963 March on Washington and a portrait of President Lincoln.

Obama also took the opportunity to ask Novak for tips on being president.

"Any advice for me as just an ordinary president, as opposed to Kid President?" said Obama.

"I have one, well, it's not really advice ... it's just how you're doing. You're doing awesome," said Novak.

Novak, who stars in the uplifting videos that appear on SoulPancake's YouTube channel, was enlisted by the White House to help promote the 2013 Easter Egg Roll. He was featured in the official video announcement of the roll and joined the Obamas onstage to introduce thousands of people to the annual event on Monday.

The "Kid President" videos, which are produced with behind-the-scenes help from Novak's brother-in-law, Brad Montague, have received millions of views on YouYube.