WATCH LIVE: Obama pushes for gun control in Conn. speech

Connecticut has been at the forefront of the gun control debate, since the school shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December.

Last week, Connecticut’s General Assembly passed laws that ban more than 100 so-called "assault weapons" and magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. The state laws, among the strictest in the country, also require universal background checks and would set up a registry for certain weapon and magazines.

Obama's Hartford speech is the first in a week-long series of administration events as the president seeks to rally public opinion in the face of gun lobby and GOP opposition to enacting new gun controls.

On Tuesday, Vice President Biden and Attorney General Holder — two key players behind the president's legislative push — will speak at the White House in support of the legislation. Later in the week, first lady Michelle Obama will advocate a gun control package at a speech in Chicago.

Obama is expected to discuss the shootings at the elementary school and say that the nation should take the appropriate steps to ensure that violence around the nation is minimized. He is also expected to highlight the recently passed Connecticut laws.

White House press secretary Jay Carney said Monday that the president would meet privately with survivors, families, and first responders of Sandy Hook ahead of his remarks in Connecticut.

Following the president's remarks, 11 family members who had originally planned to be in Washington to lobby Congress on the proposed gun legislation will travel back with the president aboard Air Force One.

"I think those family members who have felt the pain of the Sandy Hook tragedy most keenly are important voices in this discussion," Carney said. "I think it's almost self evident."

—Amie Parnes contributed.