Obama's budget faces backlash on the Hill

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"It offers a cut to Social Security benefits by changing the way those benefits are calculated over time and by offering this policy, Obama is inspiring major backlash from people on the Hill, from Democrats that say he's offering too much to Republicans too fast," Viebeck said.

Viebeck points out that although the White House had previously floated raising the Medicare eligibility age, it's not included in the administration's budget proposal.

The $1.058 trillion budget for fiscal year 2014 — which arrived on Capitol Hill about two months late — includes $3.77 trillion in total spending, including entitlements.

It would add $5.3 trillion in new deficit spending over 10 years and increase spending in 2014 by $160 billion compared to current law.

For more on the details of the budget, as well as GOP reaction, check out The Hill's On The Money blog.

—Erik Wasson contributed.