First lady unveils program to help veterans find tech jobs

Many service members encounter difficulties transferring their experience to the civilian world, the first lady pointed out, either because of red tape, outdated certification requirements, or training in uniform that doesn't transfer to civilian schools or licensing requirements.

With more than 1 million veterans expected to flood the marketplace in the next year, Obama noted it was one of the "most pressing issues we face."

At the event, the first lady also previewed what she called a "groundbreaking commitment" from companies to hire veterans that will be unveiled at the White House on Tuesday.

Monday's forum also consisted of four roundtables that will explore ways to ease the path for military members to earn the civilian certifications and licenses required for jobs in emergency medical services, healthcare and transportation sectors, as well as ways to translate their military training into academic credit.

Gene Sperling, the director of the National Economic Council, called the IT/military partnership "a triple win," noting it was a win for service members, a win for businesses and a win for the economy.