Steps Obama can take to regain political momentum

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During the first 100 days of his second term, Obama has suffered a defeat on gun control and seen his approval ratings level off. Many progressives also believe he has been outflanked by Republican leaders on sequestration.

Managing Editor Bob Cusack sat down with Parnes to get the inside story on Obama's fumbles and his efforts to gain momentum and put a "little pep in his step."

"One thing he can do is actually go on the road, which he's very good at, he's the 'campaigner-in-chief' as they call him. And I think the White House kind of accepts that. He's does really well before crowds, so some strategists say 'go on the road,'" said Parnes.

Parnes pointed out that it's likely Obama will take his message directly to the American people.

Obama left Washington on Thursday for a two-day trip to Mexico and Costa Rica, where he is expected to push for immigration reform and continued cooperation on anti-drug efforts.

Immigration reform "is everything" when it comes to Obama's second term agenda, according to Parnes.

"I think they need this, in terms of going forward and showing that he has something to have in his second term. He had healthcare in his first term. If he doesn't do immigration reform in his second term, it's going to be all but dead," she said.