WATCH LIVE: Obama delivers remarks at Jersey Shore

Obama will be joined by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R).

In late October last year, Obama joined Christie to view the damage from Sandy and highlight federal assistance — a trip that took place in the final days of the presidential election. Christie's praise of Obama was seen by some as a betrayal of former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Ever since, Christie has maintained his state was more important than politics, brushing off the criticism.

The Garden State visit follows a presidential speech Monday to mark Memorial Day at Arlington National Cemetery and a trip to tornado-stricken Oklahoma on Sunday.

Both weekend occasions permitted Obama to appear above the fray — the commander in chief and consoler in chief, respectively — rather than as a political figure pinned down in the Washington trenches.

The trip comes as his administration faces tough questions over a trio of controversies: the IRS political targeting scandal, the Justice Department’s leak probes and the handling of the Benghazi mission attack.

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