White House: Obama to lobby Putin on Snowden

After the meeting, Snowden announced his intention to ask Russia for temporary asylum.

The meeting was "incompatible to Russian assurance that they do not want Mr. Snowden to further damage U.S. interests," said Carney, who announced President Obama would personally lobby Russian President Vladimir Putin to intervene during a previously scheduled phone call Friday afternoon.

The press secretary added that the participation of groups like Human Rights Watch should not cloud the fact that Snowden had been charged with multiple felonies.

"Those groups do important work, but Mr. Snowden is not a human rights activist or dissident," Carney said.

In a statement released Friday, Snowden said he was requesting the temporary asylum so he could leave the international zone of the Moscow airport, where he has been stranded for three weeks. He arrived there after fleeing Hong Kong when the United States filed an extradition request to bring him back to face charges surrounding his admitted leak of details of top-secret National Security Agency surveillance programs.

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